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13 Panel Drug Test Cups

The iCup Drug Screen 13 panel drug test cup is the simplest, self-contained 1-step drug test. It offers a completely closed system for total urine specimen integrity and easy collection and the clear construction gives optimum observation of urine specimen. As a single unit with no dipping or pouring, the results develop quickly within the sealed unit. With the iCup 13, the results are visible within minutes, the indication of 1 line = positive, 2 lines = negative, and no line(s) in the control is an invalid result.Since this drug test cup is a zero exposure, leak-proof, and tamper-proof; it remains closed until it is properly disposed of.

The iCup 13 detects multiple drugs, as accurate as the laboratory tests in a shorter time. It is a widely used drug test cup, as it is available at low cost and is convenient and easy to use. It is also fast and accurate in reporting in just a few minutes.

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iCup Drug Test 13 iCup Drug Screen 13

# I-DOA-1137-011: (COC, THC, OPI, mAMP, AMP, PCP, BZO, BAR, MTD,TCA, OXY, PPX, BUP) 1 Box (25).

Our Price: $239.00
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