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7 Panel Drug Test Cups

A 7 Panel Drug Test Cup is a drug test cup that will screen for 7 different drugs and there metabolites. These 2 drug test cups are a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay based on the principle of competitive binding for the qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in urine. We offer 2 different 7 panel drug test cups:

  • EZ Key Cup 7 – COC150, AMP300, mAMP500, THC, OPI, PCP, MDMA. This particular test cup has lower cut-off levels for Cocaine, Amphetamines and Methamphetamine, meaning you can detect those drugs better than if you were to use a test cup with the standard cut-off levels.
  • Noble Key Cup 7 +AD – COC, AMP, THC, MOP, OPI, BZO, mAMP / +AD pH, Specific Gravity, Oxidants.

Both of which are "Key Cups" (both test cups keep the key stored in the top of the lid), the test does not start until the key is inserted. Once the key is inserted the test begins to run making these cups Collector Controlled VS Donor Controlled. They are both also split specimen cups, if the test results report a non-negative result, either one of these cups can then be sent to the laboratory with the remaining untouched specimen sample for GC/MS confirmation. The biggest difference between these 2 cups (besides drugs tested and whether or not they have built-in adulteration test strips) is the lid, Noble Key Cups have a screw on lid which has a bigger opening where the EZ Key Cups have a leak proof snap top hinged lid.

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E-Z Split Key Cup 7 Panel Drug Test EZ Key Cup 7

# DOA-177-161 (COC150, AMP300M mAMP500, THC, OPI, PCP, MDMA) Box of 25.

Our Price: $164.00
Noble 7 Panel Split Specimen Cup AD Noble Key Cup 7 AD

# DJA-177-111: (COC AMP THC MOP OPI BZO mAMP) + AD (pH, Specific Gravity, Oxidant) Box of 25.

Our Price: $175.00
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