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Alco-Screen 02

alco-screen 02
Alco-Screen 02

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DOT Approved
Saliva Alcohol Test
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Shelf Life: 10 - 12 Months
Quantity: Box of 24
CLIA Waived: Yes

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Product Code: A-56024

Description Included Items
Alco-Screen 02 Saliva Alcohol Test Kits
  • CLIA Waived
  • FDA Cleared
  • OTC - Over The Counter
  • Disposable
  • Box of 24 Tests
  • Great Alcohol Test for BAC
  • Effective Zero Tolerance Test
  • Affordable
  • Detects Alcohol in other fluids
  • Fast - Results in 2 Minutes
  • Uses Saliva to Test Blood Alcohol Levels
  • Easy to Use
  • Inexpensive
  • Indicates Blood Alcohol Levels from 0.02% to 0.30%

This product is for In-vitro use is a saliva alcohol test intended for use as a rapid method to positively identify the presence of alcohol in saliva for blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) greater than 0.02%. The Alco-Screen 02 requires no special training provided that the instructions are followed carefully. Alco-Screen 02 is a simple one-step saliva screening test that works in a clean, non-invasive manner and provides results in 4 minutes. Simply wet the test pad with saliva and wait 4 minutes. The development of a line on the test pad at 4 minutes indicates a blood alcohol concentration exceeding 0.02%.


The Alco-Screen 02 saliva alcohol test is for zero tolerance alcohol testing of 0.02 blood alcohol content. It's easy to use and read disposable test strips that can benefit any workplace alcohol testing policy.

Alcohol plays an important and integral part in almost every society in the world. While not all alcohol usage is problematic, alcohol remains the most abused drug in history. In the United States, alcohol plays a part in half the automobile fatalities and nearly half of all industrial accidents.

For employers, alcohol abuse accounts for two-thirds of all substance abuse complaints and depletes a similar percentage from the health care benefit budgets of American companies. While the responsible, adult use of alcohol has its appropriate place in our society, an increasing number of public safety officials, corporate officers, and small business managers are concerned about problems with alcohol abuse in the workplace and in public places, particularly when the substance abuser is in control of a vehicle or heavy equipment. As a result, there is a demand for more effective detection of alcohol impairment, where possible, or of blood alcohol content (BAC) in individuals engaged in work or driving.

With millions of tests sold worldwide, you can count on Alco-Screen 02 as a trusted reliable partner in your alcohol testing or ZERO TOLERANCE efforts. Our knowledgeable staff is on call to answer your questions.


ALCO-SCREEN 02 saliva alcohol test is intended for use as a rapid, highly sensitive method to detect the presence of an alcohol substance in saliva and to provide a semi-quantitative approximation of blood alcohol concentration. For applications where a quantitative determination of blood alcohol concentration is required, a positive result must be verified using an acceptable quantitative alcohol procedure. The test requires no special training, granted that the instructions provided are followed carefully. However, quantitative follow-up testing should be performed by a qualified professional.

ALCO-SCREEN 02 test may also be used to non-quantitatively detect the presence of a substance in many other fluids, such as soft drinks, blood serum, etc. (see Limitations for further information).


  1. Abstain from placing anything in the mouth for 15 minutes prior to beginning the test. This included non-alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, coffee, breath mints, food, etc.
  2. Open the foil package and remove the test strip. Observe the reactive pad on the end of the test strip. The pad should be a light cream color. A test strip with a reagent pad, which is a dark tan color or otherwise discolored, must be discarded.
  3. Saturate the reactive pad with saliva from mouth or sputum cup. Then, immediately start the timer.
  4. At 2 minutes, observe the color change (if any) in the reactive pad. A color change to green or blue indicates the presence of alcohol and a positive result. Results obtained after more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds may be erroneous.
  5. Estimate the approximate blood alcohol concentration by comparing the color of the reagent pad with the color chart appearing on the test package.

ALCO-SCREEN™ produces a color change in the presence of saliva alcohol ranging from a light green-gray color at 0.02% (0.20‰) blood alcohol concentration to a dark blue-gray color near 0.30% (3.0‰) blood alcohol concentration. Color blocks are provided within this range to allow an approximation of blood alcohol concentration to be made. ALCO-SCREEN™ may produce colors that appear to be between adjacent color blocks.

A green color that is lighter than the 0.02% color block should be interpreted as being positive to the presence of alcohol in saliva but less than 0.02% (0,20‰) blood alcohol. A result where the reagent pad shows no color change (remains white or cream colored) should be interpreted as a negative result (no alcohol present). A result where the outer edges of the reagent pad produce a slight color but the majority of the pad remains colorless should be repeated to ensure complete saturation of the reagent pad with saliva. If the second result is the same, the results should be interpreted as being negative (no alcohol present).

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