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Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup Test Instructions

E-Z Split Key Cup Test Instructions

Test Instructions - Product Procedure

EZ Key Cup Diagram

1Remove the key by twisting it from the center of the cup cap. Open cap with the Pull Tab. (key is held by technician)
EZ Step 1

2Donor provides a specimen and secures cap. Note Secure cap by pressing down on the Pull Tab until an audible click is heard.
EZ Step 2

3Check cap for tight seal. Technician dates and initials the security seal and places security seal over the cap.
EZ Step 3

no4On a flat surface, the technician inserts the key and pushes in.
EZ Step 4

no5Peel off the label to view results

no6If the test cup includes S.V.T., read adulteration test results between 3 - 5 minutes.
EZ Step 6

no7Read drug test results at 5 minutes.
EZ Step 7

no8A photocopy of the drug test results can be made by placing the entire cup with the card face down on the copier/scanner.
EZ Step 8
Integrated E-Z Key Cup Procedure